Meet the Team

Physiomics team members are passionate specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience in cancer biology, quantitative pharmacology and mathematical modelling.

Dr Jim Millen
Non-Executive Chairman

Dr Jim Millen brings over 15 years experience in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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Dr Peter Sargent
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Peter Sargent brings over 18 years of experience working within the life sciences sector.

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Anthony Clayden
Head of Finance

Anthony Clayden brings over 22 years experience guiding high growth potential businesses.

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Hayley Close
Head of Business Development

Hayley Close joins Physiomics with 5 years business development experience.

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Dr Frances Brightman
Project Leader

Dr Frances Brightman is a computational biology specialist with over 21 years experience.

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Dr Nathalie Dupuy
Senior Biosimulation Scientist

Nathalie Dupuy is a biomedical computational scientist with experience in data science, machine learning and computational neuroscience.

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Dr David Hodson
Biosimulation Scientist

David Hodson is a mathematical biologist with experience in pharmacometrics and PKPD modelling.

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Dr Léa Sta
Biosimulation Scientist

Léa Sta is an applied mathematician with experience in cell signalling and receptor-ligand models.

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Charmaine Fraser
Office Manager

Charmaine Fraser brings with her over 10 years of Administrative and Managerial experience.

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Dr Hitesh Mistry
Principal Consultant, Clinical Modelling

Dr Hitesh Mistry, is a modelling and simulation specialist within the pharmaceutical industry.

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Dr Michael Ghebre
Principal Consultant, Biostatistics

Dr Michael Ghebre, has extensive experience working across academia and industry, and CRO companies as a statistician.

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Dr Claire Villette
Consultant, Modelling and Simulation

Dr Claire Villette is a biomedical computational scientist with 9 years experience.

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Dr Christophe Chassagnole
Consultant & Advisor

Dr Christophe Chassagnole has led systems biology and bio-computing projects for over 20 years.

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Scientific Advisors

Dr Robert Jackson
Consultant and Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr Robert Jackson obtained his PhD in biochemical pharmacology from the Institute of Cancer Research and has led many senior appointments in multinational pharmaceuticals.

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Professor Mark Middleton
Consultant and Scientific Advisory Board Member

Mark Middleton is Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine at Dept. of Oncology and consultant Medical Oncologist at Oxford Cancer and Haematology Centre.

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Professor David Fell
Co-Founder and Scientific Advisory Board Member

David Fell is Professor of Biochemistry & Assistant Dean, School of Life Sciences at Oxford Brookes University, specialising in systems biology and metabolic modelling.

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