Mechanism of Action Modelling

Mechanism of Action modelling incorporates additional biological components to describe a drug’s pharmacology compared to traditional PK/PD approaches and is useful to test or support hypotheses on a drug’s mechanistic pathway.


Physiomics has extensive experience of MOA modelling and most of its models incorporate mechanistic components.


Mechanistic or semi-mechanistic PK/PD modelling can be used to:

Support discussions with investors and regulators

Suggest or support combination with other drugs whose mechanisms may be synergistic

Suggest confirmatory studies


Physiomics developed an agent-based model, presented at AACR, that describes how tumour growth will be effected by combination treatment comprising of ionizing radiation and immune checkpoint blockers. This model incorporates the adaptive immune response and interaction between immune species in order to predict the effect on both injected/ irradiated and distant tumours.

Figure from Physiomics’ poster presented at AACR 2021 showing modelling of the abscopal effect on distant tumour after irradiation of primary tumours

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