Exposure Response Modelling

Exposure Response modelling forms a fundamental component of PK/PD modelling, allowing you to relate PK to PD measures such as toxicity, biomarker levels, tumour shrinkage or in vitro data.


This type of modelling allows you to make use of all your data to answer critical questions and support future developmental decisions, in particular to justify human dose predictions and strengthen regulatory submissions.


Physiomics’ exposure response modelling can help you:

Understand relationship between PK and target engagement

Identify therapeutic window of your drug

Optimise pre-clinical mouse study design

Physiomics developed a PKPD model to capture and predict the preclinical biomarker levels and tumour growth inhibition in response to changes in dose and schedule for a Nectin-4/CD137 Bicycle tumor-targeted immune cell agonist™ (Bicycle TICA™).

Figure from Physiomics and Bicycle Therapeutics SITC poster showing predictions (solid line) vs experimental data (dots) of tumour size time series for different doses

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