Population PK and NCA

Population PK (popPK) analysis allows you to characterise the relationship between dose and exposure for a given population.  By understanding factors that influence variability in these relationships, Physiomics can inform dosing decisions for patient sub-populations.  PopPK models can be combined with PD models to establish how variability in exposure affects response.


Non-Compartmental Analysis (NCA) is an effective analysis that helps you visualise and characterise drug exposure, clearance & half life, facilitating decision making and comparison to other drugs.


Physiomics has extensive experience of both popPK and NCA and can help you gain a thorough understanding of your drugs’ PK profile and inform clinical development dosing decisions.


Physiomics performed a PK assessment on a Phase1/2a study of BT1718, a first in class Bicycle Toxin Conjugate (BTC).

Figure from ESMO poster with Bicycle Therapeutics and CRUK showing AUC and Cmax vs dose for BT1718, a Bicycle Toxin Conjugate (BTC)

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