Translational Modelling

Translational modelling allows you to make the best use of all relevant pre-clinical data to generate accurate human dose predictions and maximise probability of clinical success.


Translating pre-clinical PK and PD data to application in humans is a key milestone in the development of therapeutic drugs.


Taking a quantitative and mechanistic approach to translational modelling Physiomics helps clients:

Recommend and justify dose, dose escalation and scheduling for First in Human trials

Identify and support biologically effective dose targets

Relate pre-clinical data to clinical and vice versa

Identify clinically relevant biomarkers of response

Identify patient sub-populations for targeting


Physiomics developed a Virtual Tumour translational model to make accurate predictions of the mean change in tumour size over time for a PhII clinical study using preclinical PK/PD and clinical PK data.

Figure from Physiomics PAGE poster showing clinical simulations (red highlight) vs clinical population data (black solid and dashed lines) of tumour diameter over time treated with Docetaxel/Placebo vs Docetaxel/Selumentinib

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