Clinical Trial Simulation

Clinical trial outcomes can be simulated using computational models consistent with your drug’s MOA which incorporate available preclinical and clinical data as well as variability within a clinical population.


This modelling technique is a powerful tool to explore doses, schedules and combinations not yet tested clinically, guide trial design and improve success rate in the clinic.


Physiomics can help multidisciplinary teams understand:

What level of efficacy you might expect with a new clinical combination given variability observed in patient population

How to modify dose/schedule to reduce toxicity without losing efficacy

How to optimise dose based on patient stratification

Physiomics developed a model to simulate PARPi Niraparib’s Ph2 QUADRA trial, showing Virtual Tumour’s ability to predict response for different genetic subgroups based on simulations of 140 virtual patients.

Comparison of simulated and experimental results of Niraparib’s Ph2 QUADRA trial for different genetic subgroups

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