Virtual Tumour™

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What is Virtual Tumour™?

Virtual Tumour™ is our predictive quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) model used worldwide by global pharmaceuticals to small biotech companies to support oncology R&D.


Virtual Tumour is a semi-mechanistic model that incorporates an abstracted representation of the cell cycle, DNA damage/ repair and elements of the immune response.


Virtual Tumour is calibrated using available PK and PD data and can predict the effect on tumour growth of combinations of anti-cancer agents, including radiation.

How Does it Work?

Virtual Tumour™ works by predicting the effects of cancer treatment regimes, simulating the growth or shrinkage of tumours under the effects of any combination of anti-cancer agents.


Use established or de novo PK models. Source tumour growth Inhibition/biomarker data from client or public domain. Characterize MOA of agent(s).


Model key elements of cell cycle. Calibrate model using available data. Follow cancer cells over time as they die or divide.


Track the number of cells and mathematically distribute them in the growing layer of a tumour.


Track the tumour size / cell cycle phases / biomarker evolution over time.Predict effect of different regimens.

Virtual Tumour Mechanistic Extensions

Our core Virtual Tumour™ model has been extended to incorporate a variety of additional mechanisms employed in developing cancer treatments.

Addition of immune-oncology module to simulate immune cell interaction with tumour


This project was presented in a poster at AACR.

Development of DNA repair mechanism to separately model DNA single-strand breaks (SSB) and double-strand breaks (DSB)


Contact us for further information on this model.

Why Virtual Tumour™ is a Partner of Choice in Oncology Drug Development?

Our Virtual Tumour™ platform is one of the industry’s most advanced predictive models focused solely on oncology, predicting optimal drug dosing, scheduling and combinations.

Support Early Clinical Development

Predict biologically effective dose and optimse combination strategy

Support with Regulatory Rationale

Provide regulatory agencies with a mechanistic model-based rationale for the design of clinical studies.

Save Time and Reduce Cost in Discovery and Preclinical Development

In silico simulations can guide a smaller number of more focused mouse studies.

Key Features

Features Supported
Predict behaviour over a full time course, not just a single point in time
Powerfully and naturally combine the effects of drugs with different mechanism of actions (MOAs)
Allows complex dosing and scheduling options e.g. dosing holidays, to be simulated
New data can be quickly incorporated as it is generated in mouse or human trials
Can help explain the behaviour of combination regimes in terms of cellular effects (e.g. cell cycle synchronization, cell death, DNA damage)
Model revisions and additional simulations can be delivered in real-time to enable decision-making during early clinical trials.

Things You Should Know About Virtual Tumour™

It’s implemented in MATLAB

An industry standard platform used to develop mathematical models with over 3m users worldwide. Recognised by many regulatory authorities as a validated coding environment.

It’s been used in over 70 Projects

Virtual Tumour™ can be used to model a huge variety of targets, drugs, cell lines and human cancers. It can simulate agents from small molecules and biologics through radiation.

In addition to clinical data, can often be calibrated using public data

Physiomics team is expert at identifying, digitising and analysing public domain data that can often be used to support calibration of its models, especially for standard of care drugs.

Can simulate clinical and pre-clinical tumours

Virtual Tumour™ can simulate both tumour-bearing mice and human tumours to support translational decision making and Phase I and II study design.

Has been validated in blinded studies

We have successfully completed multiple blinded validation studies for commercial clients and have reproduced a number of these in posters and presentations at major conferences.

Is used by companies ranging from startups to global pharmaceuticals

Physiomics has completed projects for companies ranging from small biotech to large cap pharma. We also work on grant and academic collaborations.

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