Tumour Growth Inhibition Modelling

Tumour growth inhibition (TGI) modelling can be used to capture and predict the effect of anti-cancer agents. These models can be used to predict the effect in both preclinical and human tumours and can be calibrated with monotherapy and combination data.


Physiomics has significant expertise in developing TGI models addressing a huge variety of established and novel targets as well as multiple treatment modalities from radiation and chemotherapy through targeted and immunotherapies.


Models linking TGI to PK can be used to inform drug development, including:

To design confirmatory pre-clinical studies

To justify biologically effective dose targets in first in man studies

To optimise dose and schedule in combination regimens

Physiomics worked with Lilly to simulate a combination of gemcitabine and its CDK4/6 inhibitor abemaciclib, successfully predicting effect on tumour growth and the optimal preclinical regimen.

Figure from Physiomics AACR poster showing predictions (green line) vs experimental data (dotted black) for simultaneous administration (left panel) vs sequential administration (right panel) of gemcitabine (Drug A) and abemaciclib (Drug B).

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