About Us

Our Vision

Physiomics’ vision is to transform oncology drug development.  We believe in innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion and we aim to bring out the best in each other, in order to help our partners develop great cancer drugs and to apply them optimally in real-world settings.

Who Are We?

Physiomics are a leading oncology consultancy using proprietary state of the art Virtual TumourTM technology and other tools to predict and better understand the effects of cancer treatments.

We work with partners developing cancer drugs to help them save time and money and achieve better outcomes during pre-clinical and clinical development.  We are also developing tools to support cancer treatment in real world settings [Personalised Oncology].

Based in Oxford in the United Kingdom, Physiomics’ specialist oncology services are used by global pharmaceuticals as well as small biotech companies to support oncology R&D.

How We Work?

We work with partners to solve real development and real-world treatment challenges and excel in combining knowledge of cancer with cutting-edge mathematics to develop models that help accelerate pre-clinical and clinical development.

We value open discussion and genuine collaboration, working with you to create bespoke solutions customised to your needs.

Our scientific consultants operate in agile teams that are responsive, flexible and adaptive, with experience working across large company structures as well as with smaller commercial and not-for profit clients.

Oncology Specialists

We’re 100% focused on oncology drug development with deep oncology modelling expertise, helping you save time and money.

Agile Teams

Our skilled teams are agile, collaborative and efficient. We work with you to solve real development challenges.

Industry & Academic Experience

Our team of experts have accumulated over 120 years of experience across pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology with a strong record of success.

Our Skills & Expertise

Our team of passionate scientists bring a wealth of scientific knowledge and expertise in cancer biology, quantitative pharmacology and mathematical modelling.

Collectively, our experts have accumulated:

  • Over 140 years of experience across pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology
  • Completed over 90 projects
  • Modelled over 50 targets and 70 drugs into a wide range of indications
  • Over 200 publications in peer reviewed journals
Oncology Specialists 0
Mechanistic Modelling 0
Quantitative Systems Pharmacology 0
Mathematical Modelling 0

* Percentages above reflect the combined skills and specialisation of our core team of scientific consultants.

Collaborate With Us

We believe collaborations are a vital component of driving innovation, change, continuous improvement and growth. So, whether you’re a small research facility or a large pharmaceutical, if you’d like to learn more we’d love to hear from you [Learn More].

Interested in speaking with a consultant?

We’ll arrange a brief consultation for you with a specialist in our team.

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