Modelling and Simulation Solutions


Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling is crucial to obtain a quantitative understanding of your drug and integral to drug development. Physiomics develops models that describe PK and PD relationships and predict therapeutic effect to support drug development from discovery through to the clinic.

PK involves studying the movement of a certain drug dose in the body. PD involves studying how a certain drug dose affects the body. Collectively, PK/PD modelling uses mathematical models to simulate the expected effect of a certain drug dose over time.

Modelling and Simulation Tools


Physiomics uses a range of industry standard and bespoke tools to create models, selecting the most appropriate based on the question to be answered and the data available. These include:


Bespoke PK/PD and Quantitative Systems Biology (QSP) models coded up using R and Matlab platforms

Industry standard tools such as NONMEM and PK-Sim

Virtual Tumour - our in-house agent based simulation platform
Statistical modelling & Machine Learning


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