PBPK Modelling

PBPK models attempt to relate the physiology of living animals to the PK of drugs administered, using multi-compartmental modelling techniques to reflect different tissues or organs within the body.


PBPK models are a more complex method of describing a molecules PK and can be used to:

Extrapolate effect from healthy volunteers to those in diseased states with altered physiological properties

Understand drug distribution and accumulation in different tissues/organs

Assess the relative efficacy of different formulations which may be impacted by physiology

Allow in vitro to in vivo extrapolation of PK properties based on physicochemical and biochemical assays

Physiomics’ scientists have extensive experience of PBPK modelling including a significant project as part of an EU grant consortium that explored the impact of circadian rhythms on the metabolism of CDK inhibitor seliciclib.

Figure showing schematic of mouse PBPK model used by Physiomics in the software package PK-Sim

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