Update on 3D Culture Collaboration with InSphero

Update on 3D Culture Collaboration with InSphero


The below excerpt has been taken from InSphero’s latest newsletter, ‘Upgrade Your Cell-Based Assays to 3D’, discussing the collaboration between InSphero and Physiomics plc.

Customer case study: 3D microtissue growth and drug response – virtual and in vitro models

InSphero’s customer Physiomics plc develops computational systems-biology models to predict and understand cancer drug efficacy from pre-clinical research to clinical development. The Oxford (UK)-based company has created detailed mathematical models incorporating the most important molecular events taking place during the human cell cycle and apoptosis processes.

In 2011, Physiomics selected InSphero 3D tumor microtissues  for validating its Virtual Tumor™ model. First results emerging from this exciting collaboration were recently published by Physiomics at the international EORTC-NCI-ASCO Annual Meeting on ‘Molecular Markers in Cancer”. InSphero and Physiomics have developed an in vitro microtissue model for MX-1, and Physiomics adapted the existing xenograft Virtual Tumor™ to simulate the growth of this microtissue and its responses to an antineoplastic agent. This was followed by successful extrapolation from microtissue to xenograft.

For details about this successful application of InSphero’s technology, you can find the poster as a PDF here.

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