Publication of article in Frontiers in Oncology

Publication of article in Frontiers in Oncology

Physiomics plc (AIM: PYC), a leading mathematical modelling company supporting oncology drug development and personalised medicine solutions, is pleased to announce the publication of an original article “Should personalised dosing have a role in cancer treatment?” in a special edition of the journal “Frontiers in Oncology” focused on the FDA’s Project Optimus.  The full article can be accessed via the following link: Frontiers in Oncology


Project Optimus has relevance to Physiomics both in its core consulting business and its personalised oncology initiatives.  In core consulting, Project Optimus encourages and some would say even mandates biotech and pharma companies to fully utilise all available non-clinical and clinical data to make informed decisions about clinical trial design and biologically effective dose.  The Company believes that there is an increasing expectation that companies meeting with the FDA should have utilised mathematical modelling in support of clinical trial design and dosing decision making.  The Company has first hand experience of this through the translational modelling work it has completed for multiple small and medium sized clients in recent years.


Looking beyond drug development, the Company sees a clear implication of Project Optimus on dosing of approved drugs in cancer.  The vast majority of cancer drugs are still approved on a “one size fits all” basis with, at most, adjustments in dosing being made to account for body weight or surface area of individual patients.  The Company believes that the future direction of cancer drug dosing will take into account its effect in each individual and we believe that our personalised dosing tool is a clear step towards achieving that goal.





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Physiomics plc combines cutting edge PKPD and QSP modelling techniques with cancer biology expertise, to help biotech and pharma companies streamline their drug development journeys.

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