Meet our new Chief Operating Officer, Dr Pete Sargent!

Meet our new Chief Operating Officer, Dr Pete Sargent!

Pete joins us with experience working for a wide variety of life sciences businesses across R&D and commercial operations, read on to find out why he is excited to join Physiomics and where he sees the most potential!


Q: What attracted you to the role at Physiomics?

A: “Having worked across the biopharma industry for many years, I’m acutely aware of the mounting pressures drug development companies are under. Both regulatory and market pressures are pushing these companies to adopt innovative solutions to accelerate and de-risk their R&D, whilst reducing costs. I feel that the solutions Physiomics offer through their proprietary technologies and mathematical modelling expertise makes the company well positioned to support this endeavour. It is this exciting opportunity to contribute to a more efficient and successful drug development process and the business’s potential for growth that attracted me to the role.”


Q: What do you see as Physiomics’ greatest strengths?

A: “A unique ability to listen and work collaboratively with our clients, leveraging deep technical and scientific expertise to deliver tailored solutions to their needs. The broad experience of the team allows us to help clients gain insight into not only their asset, but also how it compares to similar ones in development or on the market. These insights are often very powerful, allowing for informed and more precise decisions to be made across the R&D continuum.”


Q: What opportunities do you see for the company?

A: “I think Physiomics certainly has an exciting future. The business has invested significantly in developing expertise and IP around its core modelling offering, with very positive client feedback and a high percentage of repeat business. With these solid foundations now built, I see an opportunity not only to scale the core business, but to build adjacent offerings in areas such as biostatistics and expand into new indications. Additionally, with continued development of our personalised medicine tools there is also the potential to significantly improve the health outcomes of cancer patients prescribed already marketed medicines.”


Q: What are you most excited about in your new role?

A: “I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, but one thing that immediately struck me is the very high calibre of the team we have here, both in the form of their expertise, technical ability, but also the culture. This, along with the opportunity I see we as a business have in the market, is a powerful combo – this is what excites me!”