Contract award

Physiomics plc (AIM: PYC), the consultancy using mathematical models to support the development of drug treatment regimens and personalised medicine solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a first contract by new client Numab Therapeutics (“Numab”). Numab is an exciting young biopharmaceutical company based in Zurich, Switzerland which is developing multi-specific biotherapeutics for chronic inflammation and cancer.  Physiomics has recent significant experience of the mathematical modelling of multi-specific pharmaceuticals which it will bring to bear on an undisclosed Numab compound in this project that is expected to last around three months.

Physiomics CEO, Dr Jim Millen, commented: “We are delighted that Numab has selected Physiomics to support them with one of their new programs and look forward to working with their highly talented team.”



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Notes to Editor

About Physiomics

Physiomics plc (AIM: PYC) is an oncology consultancy using mathematical models to support the development of cancer treatment regimens and personalised medicine solutions. The Company’s Virtual Tumour™ technology uses computer modelling to predict the effects of cancer drugs and treatments to improve the success rate of drug discovery and development projects while reducing time and cost. The predictive capability of Physiomics’ technologies have been confirmed by over 80 projects, involving over 40 targets and 70 drugs, and has worked with clients such as Merck KGaA, Astellas, Merck & Co and Bicycle Therapeutics.

About Numab Therapeutics

Numab Therapeutics is an oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company based in the Zurich area, Switzerland. Numab is writing the next chapter in cancer immunotherapy by creating multi-specific antibodies that enable the pursuit of novel therapeutic strategies. With its proprietary MATCH technology platform, it is fuelling a new wave of multi-specific drug candidates engineered with versatility and developability in mind. Numab Therapeutics believes that meeting the highest quality standards in every step of the drug design process matters will result in better patient outcomes. For further information, visit