Professor David Fell

Co-Founder and Scientific Advisory Board member

David Fell is Professor of Biochemistry and he is Assistant Dean of the School of Life Sciences at Oxford Brookes University and is recognised as an expert in systems biology and metabolic modelling.

Professor Fell runs a research team at Oxford Brookes University where current projects include the analysis of the structure of metabolic networks, the computer simulation of signal transduction and elementary modes for the analysis of metabolism and metabolic engineering.

He is the author or co-author of more than 100 scientific publications attracting over 5000 citations and has written one of the standard textbooks, ‘‘Understanding the Control of Metabolism’’ in the area of metabolic control analysis.

David has held positions in, or chaired, a number of editorial boards, policy committees and international strategy panels in metabolic engineering and systems biology. Professor Fell has been involved with the Company since 2001.

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