Dr Hitesh Mistry

Principal Consultant, Clinical Modelling

Dr Hitesh Mistry, holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from The University of Manchester and is now a modelling and simulation specialist within the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to working as a consultant for Physiomics, Hitesh is a Senior Research Fellow at Manchester University.  He has worked on projects ranging from target identification (systems biology) through to clinical development (population PKPD) in a variety of therapeutic areas with particular focus on Oncology.  His work in early clinical oncology at AstraZeneca, building a translational disease model for Prostate Cancer, culminated in being awarded an AstraZeneca Oncology Innovation Award.

Furthermore, he was also involved in developing and deploying the first systems biology/pharmacology project routinely used within AstraZeneca in the cardiac toxicity area. Hitesh started working with Physiomics in 2012.

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