Dr Hitesh Mistry

Principal Consultant, Clinical Modelling

Dr Hitesh Mistry, holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from The University of Manchester and is now a modelling and simulation specialist within the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to working as a consultant for Physiomics, Hitesh is a Senior Research Fellow at Manchester University and is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology.  He has worked on projects ranging from target identification (systems biology) through to clinical development (population PKPD) in a variety of therapeutic areas with particular focus on Oncology.  His work in early clinical oncology at AstraZeneca, building a translational disease model for Prostate Cancer, culminated in being awarded an AstraZeneca Oncology Innovation Award.

Furthermore, he was also involved in developing and deploying the first systems biology/pharmacology project routinely used within AstraZeneca in the cardiac toxicity area. Hitesh started working with Physiomics in 2012.

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