Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

What is Quantitative Systems Pharmacology?

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) is an exciting discipline within pharmaceutical development that is showing significant interest from our pharmaceutical clients seeking to gain valuable insights to improve their R&D efficiency and productivity.

QSP involves combining mechanistic models with the PK/PD of a therapeutic agent and the large volumes of readily available, quantitative experimental drug data.

Why QSP?

QSP is increasingly used in drug development to guide research and to aid with critical decision-making.

Optimal use of integrated QSP models can:

  • Assist with target feasibility and selection
  • Provide insights into Mechanisms of Action (MOA)
  • Enable scenario analysis and testing of different drug profiles
  • Help accelerate drug development and the discovery of new drugs

Areas of Focus

At Physiomics, our core capabilities include creating integrated QSP models. We have worked with clients to develop QSP models using generic literature and to create hybrid models by integrating them with our proprietary Virtual TumourTM technology.

Recent examples of our QSP work:

1. Scenario Testing

We identified a published model of interest to our client and coded it up to perform further analysis, such as:

  • For which parameters is calibration data realistically available
  • What is the sensitivity of the model to key parameters
  • How do key output parameters behave over time as other parameters are perturbed.

Example of parameter sensitivity analysis. Optimal level of inhibitions for two targets (x and y axis) for maximum synergy (z axis).

2. Combining Virtual TumourTM with Mechanistic Model

Having identified a relevant literature model for our client, we were able to code it up and hybridize with Virtual TumourTM to assess the following:

  • How does a complex literature model compare with in-house models or hybrids in predicting TGI
  • Which model is most biologically plausible given the predicted behaviour of their parameters

Combining Virtual Tumour with a MAPK/ERK pathway model (Kirouac et al 2017).

Why Partner With Us?

At Physiomics, our team of scientific consultants create integrated QSP models and rigorously test them to provide valuable insights for our clients.

Our clients range from global pharmaceuticals to biotech companies and smaller commercial and not-for profit clients.

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