PK/PD Modelling

What is PK/PD Modelling?

Pharmacokinetic (PK) & Pharmacodynamic (PD) modelling is often an integral component in the drug development process. PK involves studying the movement of a certain drug dose in the body. PD involves studying how a certain drug dose affects the body.

Collectively, PK/PD modelling uses mathematical models to simulate the expected effect of a certain drug dose over time.

Areas of Focus

We offer a range of comprehensive services including core reviews, analysis and interpretation of PK/PD models and associated toxicity data from pre-clinical through to clinical phases of drug development.

1. Analysis of Preclinical Data

Through our extensive experience of working with in-vitro and mouse data in the pre-clinical space, we are able to:

  • Visualise and interpet complex datasets
  • Construct PK, toxicity and PD models to evaluate dose-response
  • Make predictions to inform further mouse or FIH studies

Biomarker Data with Population Model Fit

2. Analysis of Early Clinical Data

An increasing proportion of our work focuses on translation to humans. As part of this we can:

  • Relate clinical to pre-clinical data
  • Move from maximum tolerated dose (MTD) to biologically effective dose
  • Develop formulation / regimen to deliver required exposure profile
  • Identify clinically relevant biomarkers
  • Identify sub-populations for targeting
  • Conduct PK/PD analysis
  • Recommend optimal dose or regimen to take forward

PK Data with Population Model Fit

Why Partner With Us?

At Physiomics, our team of scientific consultants employ PK/PD models and other simulation techniques to predict the effect, efficacy and the safety of new drugs much faster and often at a lower cost.

Our clients range from global pharmaceuticals to biotech companies and smaller commercial and not-for profit clients.

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